I have been part of the homeschool community for about 10 years; I have spent 10 years as a mentor and 6 years as an author and leader of a support group for homeschool.  Additionally I am a mother of one child. I have lots of experience in the analysis of academic work, assessment and mentoring having worked with several families using a number of homeschooling techniques and evaluation methods. I have also worked side by side with various School Districts and previous Homeschool Directors. A counselor in a nearby school considered me a master in homeschooling and encouraged me to train others how to organize portfolios of academic work samples and coach evaluators.

People eligible for this training

Anyone in the State of Florida currently holding a degree in teaching is eligible for this training. Those interested in making some additional cash can consider becoming a Homeschool Evaluator or Assessment Facilitator in either IOWA or Peabody Tests. There is also the alternative of being a Cooperative teacher or instructor.

I provide training on the various evaluation and homeschooling techniques, the regulations of homeschooling and I also link you to a number of homeschoolers. Providing homeschool services is a great way to make money and can eventually become a full time job.

Annually there is a 7% increase the in the number of homeschoolers and currently there are approximately 2.5 million enrolled homeschoolers countrywide; about 70,000 of these homeschoolers come from Florida. With this growth, there is a real demand for homeschool teachers to assist parents in teaching, coaching, assessments and evaluations.

Advantages of Being an Approved Homeschool Evaluator

Averagely the cost of homeschool evaluations range from $35 to $65. One can include additional tests and consequently charge extra fees. In the case IOWA testing, the charges range between $55 and $75 for each student; this can be issued to individuals or a group of students. One can also offer tutoring services for about $75 per hour while teaching charges range $20 to over $50 per hour. Rates usually differ and are mostly dependent on one’s level of achievements, field of study and education background.

What this training entails/involves

Four hours is all time needed for this training and one is required to pay a $250 training fee. Upon completion you will be qualified to evaluate homeschoolers with ease. By undertaking this training you will:

  • Be trained on the various homeschooling approaches and determine the ones you can easily handle.
  • Be familiarized with student work samples and understand family expectations.
  • Be given advice and tips on the places you can advocate for your business such as on social media, catalogs or sites and in what way you can achieve this.
  • Have your unique abilities specifically aligned to families with specific needs that you can well handle and within your area of preference.
  • Be given complete documentation necessary for evaluations.
  • Completely get assisted and all emerging issues taken care of.
  • Be awarded a certificate upon completion of the training.

Individual training costs $250 and it comes with unlimited advantages. We also offer group charges if you come with a friend. If you come with one friend you will each be charged $225 and if you come in a group of more than two you will each be charged $220.

Make reservations for your training today by contacting me via the phone number 954-998-6506 or email Superbkidz1@gmail.com