In case you wish your child to join a school, an evaluation showing grade promotion is necessary. This will enable the school enroll your child in the appropriate grade.  

Usually for a child to be evaluated their grade level is not required. For an evaluation to be assigned a grade level, the teacher certified to do the evaluation needs to analyze the child’s ability that shows advancement in the preceding grade level.

If for instance you want your child to join a school in the 6th grade, it is required that you produce samples of the child’s work and evidence to show your child advanced at the 5th level.

For you to get a documentation of your child’s evaluation showing grade promotion, kindly send an email to and provide us with:

  • At least 8 samples of the child’s works for each subject; you can take photographs of these or have them scanned
  • These work samples should be all through the year that is at the start, mid and close of the year.
  • Include the photographs of study materials and textbooks utilized that indicate the level of grade.
  • Complete the form provided to submit your request for evaluation.

If an online study module was utilized instead, kindly provide us login details so that we can access the child’s work and look at the child’s progression, performance and their level of grade. For FLVS you are required to download and provide us the child’s informal transcript.

We charge $48 to provide a documentation of your child’s evaluation showing grade promotion

Kindly note that if paying via PayPal an extra $2 processing fee applies.