Homeschool Evaluations provided at a $28 fee are carried out either via email or through the U.S. Postal Services.

Cyber Evaluation is preferred by many families since it is a fast and simple way to meet the stipulations of homeschooling in the state of Florida.

Evaluations conducted in person are provided at $35 per student. In case several students are to be accessed at the same place and day; for example in libraries, homes, churches or childcare facilities, the students subsequently evaluated are charged $30 each.

  • K-12 Homeschool Evaluations conducted for EVERY Grade level.
  • Homeschool Evaluations are carried out in ALL Florida counties.

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Responsibilities of Parents in Homeschooling

When enrolling a student in a home-based educational arrangement, for the parent or guardian is required to:

  • Provide a student’s Homeschool Annual Evaluation; according to Florida Statutes regarding homeschool, this evaluation should be provided yearly on or before the commemoration of date the student enrollment to homeschool. Evaluators are allowed to tender electronic copies but parents should present only original copies.   

These yearly evaluations should fulfill any one of the five options accepted for Homeschool Evaluation:

  • An approved Florida teacher selected by parent or guardian is expected to analyze a student’s academic progression by going through the student’s work samples and through deliberation with student in question.  
  • An approved teacher shall carry out a standardized performance assessment on the student.
  • Alternatively the student can undertake an assessment test recognized by school district; this test should be supervised by an approved teacher. Such tests should also be undertaken in accordance with school district’s conditions and at an authorized venue.
  •  Evaluation of student should be carried out by an individual genuinely licensed and whose license is valid at the time of evaluation. This should be in accordance to the stipulations of either section 490.003(7) or (8).
  • Also the student can be evaluated using other alternatively credible assessment tool that has jointly been accepted by the parent of the student and school district.
  • Every student’s academic folder should be maintained for 2 years and should be availed to the person designated by the Superintendent for review. Usually the Superintendent’s office gives a fifteen day written notification prior to their visit.
  • A detailed record should be kept of each student’s daily academic activities and work samples in every subject.

Cyber Evaluation- PORTFOLIO REVIEW

With cyber evaluation it is easy, fast and inexpensive to adhere to the stipulations set for homeschool. A large number of county offices also permit parents who homeschool to directly send them students’ evaluation via email which can then be printed and filed. This makes the whole process simple and effortless. One is able to get all the necessary documents right away.

I accept delivery of students’ work samples for review by email or through the U.S. Postal Services. As stipulated in Florida’s Statute ss. 1002.41 on Home Education, I analyze these work samples and establish if a student is advancing in a given grade level looking at the student’s capabilities.  I then fill in an evaluation form, get it scanned and send it to the parent. The county officers authorize us to directly send them the Annual Homeschool Evaluations via email for processing and record keeping. On request by the parents I can also forward the evaluation form to county offices. Depending on individual preference the evaluation document can be sent through the U.S. Postal Services.

Evaluation of a student’s ability and progress in a certain grade level is entirely dependent on work samples and performance records; conversations on phone or through Skype are simply a formality. These conversations are aimed at encouraging the students to keep working hard.  I usually ask very simple questions to basically get to find out more about the student and their likes and dislikes. This line of questioning puts no pressure on the student and I always uphold high standards of professionalism.

Evaluations carried out in person are similarly straightforward but normally take more time compared to cyber evaluation. Usually the parents propose a suitable venue and time for the evaluation we agree on the time and venue. I usually go with what the parents suggest; I am very flexible and can meet them at home, in the library or even in informal places such as restaurants.

For in person evaluations involving more than one child I provide reduced group costs. This is very cost effective and highly suitable especially for those families with more than one child or groups of families in the same locality.  However an extra 40cents per mile fee applies if the locations are more than 10 miles apart. It is therefore best if the children are gathered in a common place; a library, house or church.

Additionally I conduct standardized assessment tests such as IOWA testing, CTBS, Stanford Achievement Test and many more.  Each test has its own unique requirements and the charges also vary. Contact me for further information on the tests and inquiries.